Immediate Dental Implants


Dental implants, the cutting-edge technological breakthrough in dentistry, is nowadays recognized as the premier method for replacing a missing tooth. It involves replacing a missing tooth with a titanium fixture which osteo-integrates with bone to hold the missing crown in place.


In the past, we used to extract the tooth, wait for several months, and then put the implant inside bone, wait for it to heal (osteointegration) with bone and after 4-6 months put the final crown, a procedure which could take from 6-9 months.


Due to the better understanding of the bone healing, development of the diagnostic devises, and improvement of dental implants surfaces, nowadays we can extract the tooth and replace it immediately with an implant with high prognosis rate in what we call Immediate Implant Placement.


In addition to that, and in specific cases, Immediate Loading takes place where we could replace an extracted tooth with an immediate implant with an immediate fixed temporary crown, specially in the aesthetic anterior zone or for edentulous patients (patients missing all teeth in the jaw).


With our commitment at Creative Medical Specialized Center to using the best dental implants and bone grafts, we manage to solve advanced cases including bone grafts and sinus lifting giving our patients the care they need with the best prognosis.


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